Eye Examination

Eye tests by experienced optometrists

Are you struggling with blurred vision or headaches? You may need glasses. Eye Care Centre Spalding Ltd offers eye tests to customers across Spalding, Lincolnshire. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Identify vision problems early with our eye exam

It takes an average of 25 to 35 minutes to carry out a thorough eye examination at our Lincolnshire-based Eye Care Centre Spalding Ltd. We perform this all-important health check carefully and professionally. Besides helping you to have the best possible vision, having an eye examination regularly can also help detect any underlying health problems you may have.
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Protect your invaluable vision and eye health with a £27.50 eye examination

Getting an eye examination could detect signs of potentially serious vision conditions. Please show our optometrist any glasses you currently use, along with the name of any medications you take. At Eye Care Centre Spalding Ltd, you will be charged £27.50 for a private eye exam. However, please check before booking your appointment as you may be entitled to a free NHS examination.

Here's how we'll test your vision

  • You will be asked questions about your sight, family history, visual requirements and general health.
  • Both of your eyes will be examined internally and externally; your pupil reflexes and eye movements will be checked.
  • Your close-up vision and vision from a distance will be examined.
  • Further tests will be carried out to check for certain conditions, e.g. glaucoma or colour deficiency.
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We'll help you correct your vision by:

  • Explaining the results of your eye examination
  • Prescribing the needed vision correction steps
  • Answering all your questions regarding these
  • Referring you to your doctor or hospital if needed
  • Advising you on your next eye examination
  • Giving you a copy of your prescription
  • Helping you find the most suitable pair of spectacles, if they have been prescribed to you

Contact us if you are looking for:

Call Eye Care Centre Spalding Ltd on 01775 722 141 for a free eye test in Spalding, Lincolnshire
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